Rehabilitation chiropractic is a specialty area of chiropractic care that aims to restore the patient’s health and mobility to its optimum level; focusing on the return to an active lifestyle, stronger mental health, and restored physical fitness.  Although most often used for injury and conditions relevant to the active client, such as work or sports related issues, rehabilitation is the ultimate goal of most chiropractors.

What’s Involved in Rehabilitation Chiropractic?

Rehabilitation chiropractic uses the standard methods of treatment such as manual manipulation, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, etc., yet adds the component of rehabilitation to the treatment plan.  Rehabilitation chiropractic has a long term goal:  restore the patient’s functionality and mobility.  This is accomplished by adding a regimen of therapeutic and strength building exercises, posture building, body mechanics and core strengthening.

Do I Have a Say in My Treatment Program?

More than a say, you have an active part in your treatment program.  Rehabilitation chiropractic is only as successful as you work to make it to be.  Your chiropractor will perform the necessary adjustments, administer beneficial treatments, and design your plan however; YOU will be the driving force behind its ultimate success.

Learning the educational items your chiropractor outlines for you, and following the exercise and diet recommendations are crucial to your success.  Not only will you feel more in control of your pain, you’ll feel more in control of your life and future.

Won’t Exercise Be Painful?

When your rehabilitation chiropractic regimen is prepared, your pain and its underlying cause will be taken into account.  The exercises will be designed to strengthen, improve range of motion, expand flexibility, and improve overall body mechanics.  There may be some initial discomfort when moving the muscles and tissues that have been dormant or protected due to the pain, but that’s normal for most exercise in the beginning.  Your program will be designed to keep you moving progressively forward, so it won’t cause you pain that will be harmful or detrimental to your treatment plan.

What Types of Exercises Are Involved?

Most of the exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles that will support the benefits you will attain from the chiropractic manipulations.  There will be focus on core strengthening exercises since the core is the fundamental muscle group that supports your spine and overall good posture.  Stretching and flexibility exercises designed around your particular affliction will improve oxygen and blood flow through the muscles and help restore ligament function increasing your overall range of motion.  Spine stabilization exercises are crucial to correct postural issues, and prevent further muscular issues from happening, including overuse.

The use of an exercise ball, and aerobic exercise are also likely be part of your regimen.  The exercise ball is a fundamental piece of equipment for muscle development and strengthening, and is vital in core strengthening exercises while aerobic exercise raises the oxygen levels in the blood, muscle, and tissues.

Overall Benefits

A comprehensive rehabilitative chiropractic treatment plan provides greater benefit than either regimen separately.  Between the chiropractic manipulations and treatments, and the development and training of the patient’s overall body mechanics, the return to a functional and active lifestyle with an overall sense of well being has a much greater chance of success and longevity.