This week, to tie in with Mental Health month, we going to be looking at the use of AK with a variety of mental health issues, particularly depression and its allied conditions.

How can AK treat what is generally perceived to be a purely mental condition? What physical and chemical aspects of your body can be a contributory factor in mental health concerns, especially depression?

The organs affect the body, the body affects the emotions, the environment affects the body and the organs. The architecture of the human body is a complex and beautiful thing. An awareness of how it fits together and how each part affects every other part is at the core of what makes AK such a powerful ally against stress and trauma.

Balancing the body and freeing energy and weaknesses is a potent tool in the treatment of our most distressing mental conditions. If you can free the body you can heal the mind.

What part can acupuncture and Chinese medicine play in a holistic treatment for depression? What about other mental health problems like PTSD and anxiety? Can you treat multiple conditions at once with AK?

Most crucially, what alternative approaches can AK offer over more aggressive drug based solutions to mental and emotional imbalance?

The answer to these and many other questions are our main topics for this week. Join us as we discover the wonderful holistic and “whole person” centered treatments available as we explore the world of AK and mental health conditions.